Monday, April 25, 2011

Jordan Knight–Let’s go higher


Oooohhh…..uuuuuuuuh.! Jordan…u r hawt! Wooot! Woot!



you .. my words like an earthquake
i up in the clouds like uuu
somebody bring me down
i am trying to give you .. what it feels babe
but i don't know how to do uu
i am losing solid ground

come pitch me
i am falling in love
and if i am dreaming this
baby don't wake me up
you got me hoping wishing
that this could last one more night
baby you and me
we can take it to the middle of the dance floor
i got what you need
teel the dj spinning on the dance floor
let's go higher
let's go high
let's go higher
let's go high

you could set it off if you want it
all you gotta do is uuu
your body is calling me yeah
and i don't want to have any regrets
when i am next to you is like uuu
your touch is all i need oh yeah


let the roller-coaster take me up and let me fall
just .. you by my side i'll go through it all



  1. ni bukan wawa pye boyfriend masa sekolah2 dulu ke? wakakak... yaaa... adik masih ingat :P

  2. ku dulu n forever...ekeke